There are no Silver Bullets in getting ITSM implemented in any organization.

We start small, get the implementation in the context of your organization and grow along with your systems, processes and people.

We are open-source not to provide a ‘Cheap’ alternative to proprietary solutions, we are open source which gives “Transparency”, “Complete control”, “Implementation Ease” and we are enterprise focused that ensures all our products have built-in support, security and compliance for your IT teams. Our open-source framework automatically gives us nimbleness to adopt latest technologies and innovations in ITSM/Dev-ops/CMDB, AI and Data Sciences.

We build are intelligence into Felicity framework, not because AI and Machine learning is fancy buzzword, because it made sense to have a intelligent ITSM product that can learn from data and users, continuously maintain knowledge base while making systems/apps ability to respond end-users rapidly.

We increase the value of IT, only because we re-imagined ITSM from a business perspective.

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