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Felicity is open framework that is built on intelligence, learning, knowledge base and completely in the context of your organization....

Why Felicity

Felicity Open Platform enriches your customer's experience by building on knowledge and learning.

Open Source

Felicity Platform is the world’s first Open Source Platform to be PinkVerify 2011 certified for its Service Desk Solutions. Felicity Platform maintains data security while aligning to Open Standards and Open Source Solutions.

Customer Centric Approach

Felicity Platform adopts the customer-first approach to solving problems with communication channels optimized to reduce response time. Our solutions are geared towards enhancing customer experience.

Built Around Knowledge And Learning

Felicity Platform leverages deep learning algorithms to understand user and system issues. It delivers value using AI frameworks by aggregating domain knowledge.

Felicity Open Platform

The things you get when driving your enterprise using Felicity Platform.

Intelligent Central Recommendation Engine

Felicity Platform is built around an intelligent central recommendation engine. It provides for automatic classification and routing of user incidents based on domain-specific intelligence.

Topic Modelling

Topic Modelling helps identify similar user issues and identify underlying root cause. Generates possible solutions by learning from historical tickets.

Ready to solve previously unknown problems

Felicity Platform helps service desk agents solve previously unknown issues by providing intelligently categorized knowledge base articles.

Auto Remediation and Orchestration

Felicity Platform monitors your assets for software deployments and provides automated jobs. Felicity Platform correlates any system issues and associates predefined job templates with the correct assets to auto remediate concerns.

Proactive Alerting

An under-the-hood perpetual correlation engine develops patterns from user interactions and system actions to identify problems in real-time and provide proactive alerting to users with similar and related issues.

Customer satisfaction through Smart Diagnostics

Smart diagnosis of user issues is performed by aggregating analyses of asset monitoring data and operational metrics coupled with user feedback to enhance customer satisfaction.


Felicity Platform has two primary suites of products encompassing the ITSM environment.
IT Service Desk Management
Felicity Platform is a PinkVerify 2011 certified framework. It conforms to the ITIL processes, thoroughly digitizing the enterprise corporate flow into logging user incidents, problems and changes.
  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management

  • Request Fulfilment

  • Service Asset & Configuration Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Asset Management

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IT Operations Management
Automate repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve Incident Management processes. It also defines the set of specific rules for monitoring events and search strings of critical application logs to take automated actions.
  • Enterprise Monitoring System
  • Event Intelligence
  • Auto Remediation
  • Asset Discovery
  • Service Mapping
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Operational Chatbot
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Our Solutions

Felicity Platform gives a smoother experience towards the functioning of your IT team
Service Desk
Felicity Service Desk is a full fledged implementation of primary services within the disciple of IT Service Management (ITSM). We are compliant to ITIL standards encompassing Help Desk and Change Management processes such as Incident and Problem Management, Service Asset & Configuration Management and Knowledge Management. With multiple proven deployments in the financial sector, Felicity Service Desk has evolved to be a certified, robust tool for Customer Help Desk Solutions.
Auto Classification
We have found correct categorization and routing of user queries and complaints to be a major time-consuming task in the ITSM Incident Management process. Auto Classifier Engine, as a part of the wider AI framework laying under the Felicity Platform, is a critical tool in the Incident & Problem Reporting and Resolution pipeline, automating this task. The Engine auto categorizes incidents and service requests into appropriate buckets with least human interaction to expedite resolution timelines and reduce human errors in the process.
Auto Remediation
Auto Remediation is a very interesting use case in the repertoire of our Orchestration Layer toolset. Using Machine Learning enabled Knowledge base and a strong correlation engine, we automate the remediation of most recurrent user and system problems and service requests. Auto Remediation engine drives solutions for tasks in varied components, such as AD server operations, Cisco tasks, Security and Compliance checks and various Web Application Server jobs.

Our Team Members

Felicity Platform Team

Srikanth Sampara

Product Head

Kiran Patil

Delivery Head

Yazad Balsara

Product Lead

Shatavarth Cheruvu

AI Tech Lead

Abhishek Kulkarni

Tech Team Lead